High-Performance Hierarchical Scheduler

Offloading the Base Scheduler for Highest Throughput

A high-performance workload specific scheduler, WorkloadXelerator is architected to off-load the base scheduler, enabling greater throughput, better license and resource utilization, and more flexible scheduler usage models.

WorkloadXelerator is designed to work with NetworkComputer™, IBM® Platform™ LSF® and other third party schedulers.


  • Exclusive access to “private” scheduler, allows “self-directed” flows
  • High throughput for highly parallel workloads of uniform short jobs


  • Flexible usage models (on-demand, workload, project)
  • 6-10X higher throughput without adding compute capacity


  • Improved license management
  • Fairshare and Preemption
  • Global policy and license management

Based on the same event-driven technology as NetworkComputer, WorkloadXelerator’s millisecond dispatch latency yields the most benefits for short jobs. It serves as a “personal scheduler” director, allowing users to queue short jobs sequentially on their own. This reduces the scheduling burden on the lower level scheduler by presenting a batch of short jobs as one longer job while maintaining full visibility into each individual job which is a common need for users. It can also also handle all the user query, job submission and reporting functions. The offload from the base scheduler is substantial since 80% of typical scheduler loads come from these non-dispatch functions.

For highly parallel, short jobs with consistent license and computing resource needs, WorkloadXelerator deployments have realized a 6-10X increase in throughput with no added compute capacity.

WorkloadXelerator is equipped with a comprehensive set of policy management features including FairShare and Preemption. Cross-organizational resources can be assigned and managed as users prefer - by workflow, project and on-demand.

A full-featured GUI enables full visibility into each job and compute farm statistics for queued jobs, running jobs, and allocated resources. User interfaces include web browsers, command line and a TCL API.

For example, in semiconductor verification application, under a typical high-load situation of two regressions and a smoke test, WorkloadXelerator manages the peak loads with ease. When combining all 3 workloads, the effective load on the base scheduler stays stable at a level that is less than any of the individual workloads.

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