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Runtime Accelerates Time to Market with New License Allocation Management Solution

Maximizing Data Center and License Utilization for Greater Operational Efficiency


June 19, 2017 – SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Runtime, a leading provider of infrastructure and design optimization software solutions, introduced a new license allocation management solution, LicenseAllocator. LicenseAllocator is a policy-driven and real-time license allocation management solution that enables the seamless sharing of software licenses among users from multi-sites in the context of project priorities.

Today’s System on Chip (SoC) design organizations are often spread across many locations and time zones. Coupled with the increased complexity in today’s SoC designs that have driven up the cost of EDA software licenses, increase in design flow complexity as well as increase in data center resource requirements and constraints, organizations have a growing need to efficiently share a common software pool in this complex environment in order to manage their total investment. While sharing a common pool of licenses can achieve the overall cost objectives, the migration from site specific licenses to shared software resources can present multi-sited organizations with non-trivial challenges.

Runtime’s LicenseAllocator is designed with the needs of multi-sited organizations in mind, allowing for EDA licenses to be shared across multiple geographies seamlessly while adhering to project priorities requirements through a policy based management system.

“Based on customer feedback, we realized there was a need for a comprehensive and easy to use license allocation management solution to address the complex problem of license management for multi-site organizations,” said Dr. Andrea Casotto, founder and CEO of Runtime. “As a leader in the infrastructure and design optimization space, we leveraged our expertise and developed LicenseAllocator to fill in the gap.  For teams requiring tight collaboration to maximize their data center and license utilization and address project priorities and deadlines, LicenseAllocator is a perfect fit. “

LicenseAllocator enables the sharing of software licenses among multiple NetworkComputer or LSF servers that are spread across geographical sites and/or business units. This capability can be used to better utilize the software licenses by having them shared among multiple queues. LicenseAllocator achieves maximized license utilization by following the fundamental rules of “following the demand”, “gradual license migration”, and “license sharing according to policies”.  LicenseAllocator also includes advanced allocation techniques such as overbooking which allows the scheduler to issues jobs until actual license count is fully depleted further enhancing resource utilization.

LicenseAllocator is available now. Runtime is demonstrating LicenseAllocator at the 54th Design Automation Conference (DAC) at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas from June 19-22, 2017 in Booth #321. Please contact your local Runtime sales representative to schedule a private appointment.


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