Software License Monitoring and Management

Real-time license management and reporting

LicenseMonitor is a software license-tracking tool providing current and historical software license utilization for multi-site environments. Software license availability and usage statistics are gathered and displayed in real-time via a rich GUI. Current and historical usage data provides information for accurate planning and license cost optimization. LicenseMonitor is an essential license asset monitoring tool for any size organization.



  • Real-time job status reporting
  • Visibility into license checkouts


  • Early notification of expiring licenses
  • Identify underutilized licenses for cost savings
  • Usage by user, project or business unit


  • Identify and address resource congestion
  • Real-time license management
  • Optimize resource forecast via historical data

LicenseMonitor tracks license usage for over 16 license manager applications, including FLEXlm™, RLM™ and LUM™ while providing the capability to “wrap” and monitor in-house software, enabling a consistent interface across the entire licensing environment.

LicenseMonitor’s real-time reports enable users to monitor usage by feature. Users can view their
license checkout status, and management can identify average and peak utilization of licenses. Having an accurate assessment of license usage over time allows organizations to optimize their software licenses and track expiration information.

LicenseMonitor gathers and maintains current and historical data via a highly scalable, high-performance database. A heat map report provides hourly reporting on license activity over a 24/7 work week to identify peak usage and resource congestion times.

Organizational leaders can filter the data for in-depth analysis and leverage it to set their operational policies and priorities. Using LicenseMonitor’s daily usage reports, organizations can make real-time decisions on license allocation.

Email alerts can be configured to notify user community of their critical license needs and upcoming license server maintenance. LicenseMonitor can be easily integrate with LDAP to lookup user information, such as phone number, department, or manager.

A historical perspective of a feature’s usage over time provides the ability to accurately forecast software license needs for upcoming projects and drive license renewal decisions. Usage data can be mapped to existing LDAP user information for department charge-backs.

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