Multi-Site License Allocation and Management

Maximize License Usage Through Sharing

LicenseAllocator enables the sharing of software licenses among multiple job scheduling servers (e.g. NetworkComputer, LSF) spread across multiple geographical sites and/or business units enabling increased software license utilization.

LicenseAllocator achieves maximized license utilization by following the fundamental rules of “following the demand”, “gradual license migration”, and “license sharing according to policies”.



  • Maximize utilization of expensive software licenses
  • Increase visibility into sites’ license utilization leveraging real-time metrics
  • On-demand license allocation adjustments


  • Enforce license allocation policies across sites or business units
  • Improve license cost management via license sharing

Development teams are often spread across multiple geographies and data centers. Coupled with the increased complexity in today’s development that drive up the cost of expensive software licenses such as those used in EDA, organizations have an increasing need to maximize the sharing of a common software pool in order to manage their total spend. While sharing a common pool of licenses can achieve the overall cost objectives, the migration from site specific licenses to shared software resources can present multi-sited organizations with challenges. LicenseAllocator is designed to address the license sharing needs of multi-sited organizations.

LicenseAllocator works in conjunction with license monitoring and workload scheduling solutions such as Runtime’s LicenseMonitor and NetworkComputer. It keeps track of total number of licenses in the pool, those in use, and allocates the available licenses across geographic sites or business units via comprehensive resource management policies.

Another facet of sharing software resources across multiple sites is having clear visibility on how licenses are being utilized across the organization along with the ability to prioritize and allocate licenses based on organizational needs.

LicenseAllocator provides organizations with the necessary software license policy management features to adjust the allocation of software licenses in order to maximize the utilization of their software assets.

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