Hardware Emulation Resource Optimizer (HERO)

Hardware Emulation Resource Optimizer (HERO™)

Hardware Emulation Enterprise Job Scheduler

Industry's Only End-to-End Emulation Solution

Designed specifically for hardware emulation environments, HERO is an end-to-end solution, HERO addresses all aspects of emulation flow including: Design Compilation, Emulator Selection, and Software and Regressions Tests.

A vendor independent solution, HERO is capable of managing job scheduling requirements of the Cadence® Palladium®, Mentor Graphics® Veloce® and Synopsys® ZeBu® product families.



  • High-performance hardware emulation specific scheduler for faster design cycle
  • End-to-end solution including compilation, emulator selection, and software and regressions tests


  • Greater visibility into emulator status
  • Maximize utilization of hardware
  • Customizable alerts and notifications


  • Vendor independent architecture for greater flexibility
  • Comprehensive policy management features

Designed specifically to address complex System-on-Chip (SoC) emulation needs, HERO is capable of managing complex hardware emulation workloads. Developed as an end-to-end solution, HERO addresses all aspects of a hardware emulation environment - from design compilation, emulator selection, to software and regression testing.

HERO is equipped with a comprehensive set of policy management features including FairShare and Preemption. Working in conjunction with hardware emulation platforms, HERO is capable of suspending lower priority jobs and resuming them when higher priority jobs have completed. This allows organizations to control their policies in order to optimize workload environments while maximizing the use of their hardware emulation assets and business priorities. HERO also introduces the concept of soft reservations to allow users/organizations to reserve blocks of time on hardware emulation platforms. Soft reservation allows other users to use the emulation platforms until the person/group that reserved the system ‘arrives’, upon which running jobs can be suspended or killed depending on administrator set policies. Organizations can also customize their policies to determine whether to release the block of time if the reservation is a no-show.

HERO provides unique visualization capabilities to facilitate easy identification of emulation resources’ usage at any given time. In addition, HERO’s graphical user interface allows for failure identification capabilities that provide a “big picture” view of job status.

This enables system administrators to easily identify any given job status, and drill-down to the root cause of a failing job by bringing up relevant report files. HERO’s rich set of hardware emulation specific metrics (e.g. usage by project, by day, week, and month) provides system administrators and management with full visibility into the utilization of emulation platforms. This allows them to adjust their organizational priorities to maximize the use of their expensive hardware assets.

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