Mission Critical Dependency Management

Advanced Platform for Developing and Executing Flows

FlowTracer is an advanced platform for developing and executing flows. FlowTracer’s “Runtime Tracing” technique analyzes flows, identifies dependencies and inherent parallelism built into today’s complex flows optimizing use of compute resources.

FlowTracer’s powerful user interface provides users with unique flow visualization and troubleshooting capabilities for greater productivity.



  • Greater productivity through visualization and control
  • Dependency awareness for faster turn around time


  • Greater resource utilization through parallel execution
  • Small memory footprint and built-in scheduler for greater scalability


  • Reduced flow complexity for higher quality results
  • Flow standardization and better collaboration

FlowTracer is a complete system that can be used to create, manage, and execute flows. It captures and updates flows by interacting with the tools while they are executing the commands contained in the flow. This unique technique to manage the dependencies between files and tools is called Runtime Tracing.

FlowTracer features a color-coded GUI which provides users with accurate insight into their work flows. The powerful Grid View report displays the results of millions of jobs running and highlights failing jobs as red pixels which can then be quickly identified, debugged and resolved.

FlowTracer’s dependency awareness only allows jobs to be executed when all prior dependency requirements are met, enabling users to quickly identify the root cause of failing jobs, take the appropriate corrective action, and continue running the jobs from the point of failure. The ability to stop and restart jobs easily mid-flow allows users to make coarse corrections without having to restart their jobs.

FlowTracer is designed to support flows across a wide variety of applications such as semiconductor design, software development, etc. For example, common applications in semiconductor design include IP qualification, design library characterization, design verification and physical design needs.

With a small memory footprint and built-in scheduler, FlowTracer runs multiple processes across multiple servers, providing a scalable solution capable of handling millions of jobs in memory and thousands running simultaneously. Additionally, FlowTracer uncovers and takes advantage of built-in parallelism used in today’s complex flows for greater resource efficiency.

With FlowGraph’s user-friendly views (Grids, Nodes, Flow Charts, Dependencies) and high-level abstraction, complex work flows can be easily deployed and shared across organizations for flow
standardization and increased collaboration.

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