About Us

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About Us

Our Story in a Nutshell

Our corporate offices are located in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. Runtime has a global sales and support network, covering North America, Europe, and Asia. Our company is privately held and funded.

Runtime is a uniquely positioned, rapidly growing company in the infrastructure and design optimization space. Runtime has over 150 customers, which include EDA companies, mobile phone chipset and CPU manufactures, SOC design houses, data centers, financial companies, and automotive industries.

We are expanding into Infrastructure Enabled Applications with unified solutions of LicenseMonitor, LicenseAllocator, NetworkComputer, WorkloadXelerator and HERO for full capacity utilization management, coupled with application specific solutions based on our FlowTracer Platform. Runtime customers utilize our solutions to reduce design costs, risk, and time to market.

Our goal of customer success has been a founding principle and continues to drive us today.

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