LicenseMonitor is a software license tracking tool providing current and historical license utilization reporting capabilities. Software license availability, server status, and usage statistics gathered from license managers and monitored in real-time, makes LicenseMonitor an essential tool for all stakeholders in the organization providing Designers, Development Managers and IT and CAD organizations with comprehensive understanding of the current and historical license usage.

Simple to setup and use, LicenseMonitor provides complete visibility over both managed and unmanaged licenses in a wide variety of report formats. LicenseMonitor‘s comprehensive reports on software license usage at the user, project, and enterprise levels can serve as a vehicle for IT and CAD organizations to adjust their software license allocation in real-time maximizing software license usage across your company.

Employing a high-performance database schema, LicenseMonitor gathers and maintains all historical data necessary to generate statistics about peak and average usage by feature, user, project, or custom group over any time period. LicenseMonitor‘s utilization reports enable IT and CAD organizations to quickly identify critical cost-saving opportunities by highlighting underutilized licenses while the gathered historical data can serve as a powerful tool to development managers in preparing and forecasting compute and software requirements for upcoming projects.

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Maximizing Software License Utilization

LicenseMonitor is a software license tracking tool providing current and historical license utilization reporting capabilities enabling IT and CAD organizations to better manage their software license mix while identifying underutilized licenses for cost savings opportunities. Furthermore, it provides development managers and designers with the visibility to quickly identify and resolve resource conflicts and congestion.

For Designers

  • Visibility into Your Jobs and Their Status
  • Visibility into License Server Status

For Infrastructure

  • Optimize Software License Mix
  • Identify Underutilized Licenses for Cost Savings
  • Usage by User, Project or Business Unit for Accurate Charge Back
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For Management

  • Identify and Address Resource Congestion
  • Real Time License Adjustment
  • Better Resource Forecast Through Historical Data

Real-Time License Management

LicenseMonitor offers complete, real-time license tracking capabilities for many license manager applications, including (but not limited to) FLEXlm™, RLM™, and LUM™. Obtain complete visibility into the licensing environment, including server status, license availability, and license usage by user, project or business units provide IT and/or CAD with the necessary tools to ensure that valuable software license are being used efficiently while providing them with accurate reports for real-time license allocation adjustments.


LicenseMonitor’s real-time usage reports enable IT and CAD organizations to quickly identify underutilized software licenses for cost saving opportunities. Having an accurate assessment of license usage over time allows organizations to further optimize their software license mix for higher efficiency.

underutilized licenses

Easily email users of a specific license to notify them of critical needs and/or upcoming license server maintenance. Integrate with LDAP to lookup user information, such as phone number, department, or manager. Remove checkouts for unresponsive tools or for instances left open by mistake.


Via the use of a lightweight monitoring agent, LicenseMonitor can also perform high-level hardware and network monitoring, providing access to CPU and RAM information, disk usage, and process lists. This capability also enables unlicensed tools to be monitored by way of process name matching.

The real-time capabilities of LicenseMonitor are proven to be a valuable asset to any CAD or IT organization.

Greater Operational Efficiency

LicenseMonitor provides fast and rich reporting on historical license activity via a highly scalable, high-performance database. Development managers can utilize LicenseMonitor’s heatmap report to easily discover resource congestion times allowing them to make informed decisions on resource usage and time allocation to streamline their projects.


Using LicenseMonitor’s daily reports allows development managers to gather and analyze usage data on any feature for a specified period of time. Analyzing daily usage reports allow IT and CAD organizations to make real-time decisions on license usage and allocation while a historical perspective of a feature’s usage over time provides development managers with the ability to accurately forecast their software license needs for upcoming projects.

Daily Report