FlowTracer is an advanced platform for developing and executing design flows.  Leveraging its unique “Runtime Tracing” technology, it can quickly analyze design flows, input and output files, and determine their dependencies while discovering the inherent parallelism of design flows. FlowTracer’s dependency awareness allows for more efficient execution of complex design flows as it only allows jobs to be executed when all prior dependency requirements are met, maximizing resource utilization and efficiency.  FlowTracer’s efficient memory usage and built-in scheduler makes it an ideal scalable platform for developing and executing simple to complex design flows while providing plenty of headroom to scale from tens to millions of jobs.

Equipped with a powerful graphical user interface, FlowTracer provides designers with unmatched visualization and troubleshooting capabilities.  Complex design flows can be easily understood allowing designers to focus on the task at hand.  Designers can easily identify the status of their jobs, pinpoint failing jobs and quickly drill down for root cause analysis for fast troubleshooting and greater productivity.

FlowTracer allows users to describe design flows in a simple and readable format.  Alternatively, design flows can be converted from “scripts or Makefiles”.  FlowTracer design flows can be easily standardized and deployed across today’s globally dispersed design organizations reducing designer learning curve while increasing collaboration across the organization.

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For Designers

  • Greater Productivity Through Visualization and Control
  • Dependency Aware for Faster Throughput and Turn Around Time

For Infrastructure

  • Greater Resource Utilization Through Parallel Execution
  • Small Memory Footprint & Built-in Scheduler for Greater Scalability

For Management

  • Reduced Flow Complexity for Higher Quality of Results
  • Flow Standardization and Better Collaboration

Greater Productivity

FlowTracer is a complete system that can be used to create, manage, and execute design flows. It captures and updates the design flow by interacting with the tools while they are executing the commands contained in the flow. This unique technique to manage the dependencies between files and tools is called Runtime Tracing.

FlowTracer features a powerful graphical user interface providing designers with far greater insight into their design flows.  Its unique user interface makes it easier for designers to visualize and understand complex design flows while its powerful troubleshooting capabilities increases designer productivity by allowing them quickly identify, debug and resolve failing jobs.


FlowTracer’s user interface provides designers with increased visibility, navigation and control. Designers can “cone-up” to identify what their job depends on or “cone down” to have a greater understanding of what other jobs are dependent on their job while getting more insight into the estimated time left for their jobs to complete.


FlowTracer’s powerful “Flow Description Language” (FDL) allows users to describe design flows in a simple and readable format reducing complexities associated with traditional scripts or Makefiles.  FlowTracer design flows can be easily deployed across organizations enabling design flow standardization and increased collaboration.

Design Acceleration

FlowTracer’s unique ability to analyze design flows at run-time maximizes compute resource utilization as it identifies flow dependencies allowing jobs to be submitted only when all required dependencies are met.  Furthermore, FlowTracer discovers the built-in parallelism used in today’s complex design flows for greater resource efficiency.


FlowTracer has been designed to support design flows of any size ranging from IP or Design Library Characterization, Design Verification or Physical Design.  Its small memory footprint combined with a built-in scheduler makes FlowTracer capable of handling design flows of varying complexities while providing a scalable solution capable of handling millions of jobs.



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